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About Us

Enactus McGill is a group of talented and motivated students from McGill University striving to make a difference in the Montreal community through entrepreneurial action.

Our Projects

We strive to create a long-term impact on the communities and businesses that we are involved with. Whether it be by creating carbon footprint reduction programs, providing education to Syrian refugees, or empowering young students to become entrepreneurs, our projects reach a diverse community both locally and nationally.

We are driven by our values

Our vision is to enact positive change through social entrepreneur-ships. In other words, we envision a brighter future where we improve communities through our projects, our empowering events, and our engagement with our community partners.


CarbonCare connects international students, local businesses, and environmental organizations towards a common goal: environmental sustainability.

Past Projects

The goal of every Enactus project is to become successful enough that it can become independent of us

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